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News and Events
News and Events
VIDEO LESSON VIDEO LESSONS NOW AVAILABLE Learn with the director of new       feature films including   The LOOP         and Wrangertang
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News and Events
Camera Cranes,  Camera Stabilizers,  Teleprompters  and more...
         Paper Planes We were given the amazing opportunity to be involved with the making of the new feature movie, Paper Planes.
Left pictured with Sam Worthington and Aussie icon Lara Bingle
Pictured right is myself on set with the amazing director Robert Connolly
Pictured below is myself with actress Deborah Mailman
Current Images published
Digital Photographer UK     Feature published
We use and recommend TheCineCity for all your DSLR and Video  production equipment needs.
C.E. Photography Magazine Photographer  (Perth Glory) WORK EXPERIENCE IN  WESTERN AUSTRALIA WE SUPPORT GIMP 2.8
 Awarded Cover 
Danny Green
Some recent work
EQUIPMENT HIRE Book now for 2015 Photo / Video Production Hire including sliders, crane, dolly, tracks, lighting, battery packs and more. THE LOOP Directed by Craig Eccles Set in a remote location, 4 young adults  set of for a day of fun and exploration only  to find themselves stuck in THE LOOP.  With no way out and no sign of help they  must fight against all odds.    This film is almost done with the  editing and would expect this ready  for June 2015 GIFT VOUCHERS AVAILABLE
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Author / Photographer Craig Eccles
Support Western Australian talent Images for sale VIDEO ADVENTURE GETAWAY For 2 days and one night we will go to some scenic and remote locations and use all of the equipment. hands on, create your own footage. Learn from an actual film producer.       BOOK  FOR MAY-JUNE-JULY 2015 and save WRANGERTANG MOVIE   International interest in this film has been overwhelming. Support Western Australian talent
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